*NOTE* How Dare You is no longer for sale, as of August 10, 2016.

Curious how Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook built their personal brands? Are you looking to do the same or figure out how to be more true/aligned to the one you’ve got? Do you love puppies, kittens and/or cuddly rats?


  • How dare you be your weird and honest self online?
  • How dare you be picky with who your audience is (and who they aren’t)?
  • How dare you draw a line in the sand for what you stand for?
  • How dare you say no to anything and everything that doesn’t serve you?
  • How dare you align what you’re stoked on with how you make a living?
  • How dare you enjoy Harry Potter more than Lord of the rings (seriously…)?

Your brand is your reputation. It’s what you’re known for and how people experience what you offer. This workshop is a combination of teaching, walkthroughs, lots of your participation, and breaks to implement and talk to other students.

What we’re covering:

Voice - finding and using your specific voice in everything you do.

Audience - building and defining the right audience for who you are and what you do.

Site - setting up your home base (domain, hosting, theme).

List - connecting and engaging with your audience through consistent connection.

Content - becoming a reader of your audience’s mind (in a non-creepy way) to give them so much value they almost burst.

What you'll leave this workshop with:

  • A clearer focus and purpose to how you show up online and off.
  • A more defined audience (and who you no longer need to focus on).
  • A defined toolset for: your website, your list and your content strategy.
  • A sore face from laughing at how hilarious Paul and Jason are (note: subject to having a weird sense of humour about nerdy books and guys named Jared).

What you won't get in this workshop:

  • Cheat codes to any of the Super Mario games.
  • Access to hidden rooms, lairs, dungeons, or high castle towers.
  • Passive income funnels that you can switch on and watch money pour into your bank account.
  • Super human strength, a cape, laser-vision, or an allergy to kryptonite (the last one is actually a good thing!).
  • Additional facial hair. 

Who dares make this workshop?

​Paul Jarvis has dared to work for himself for 17+ years as a web designer, writer, podcast host (how meta!) and product maker. He’s the most humble person he knows.

Jason Zook is best known for being the guy that made over $1,000,000 wearing t-shirts for a living and selling his last name (twice). He’s taller than Paul, but has less tattoos.

​What's in the How Dare You workshop?

That's a great question by the way! Pat yourself on the back for that.

Let's put more YOU in what you do.
Our opinion, personality, style and voice is what makes us unique. It’s what makes our personal brand. We'll walk you through a process of finding and honing your voice.

Build your audience with people you'd want to hang out with.
You don’t need a big audience. You need a highly targeted and passionate audience. We'll share exactly how we've built our audiences and get real with you on what it takes.

Every piece of your website is a place to add more personality!
Think of the internet like a group of playgrounds, with two options: a playground you’ve built and own and a playground someone else owns that you’re playing in. Your website is your own playground. You make the rules, own the content, control everything.

Create consistent connection with your highly defined audience.

Your email list is important and people need to see things multiple times before they’ll take action. Your list on-boarding is ripe with opportunities to add your personality!

What awesome content should you be sharing with your audience?
This is where we bring together your voice, your audience, your site and your list! Hold on to your hats!

All the bonuses!
We'll walk you through how to have (actual) success with your online business. We also walk you through how to setup your domain, website, MailChimp, Wordpress, and more.

​​​​​​​How Dare You is no longer for sale as of August 10, 2016.